Corpsus Hypertexticus (spacemummy) wrote in lets_writing,
Corpsus Hypertexticus

Findings, may not apply to all

I try to keep in the habit of writing, but I find I can't force myself to write. One thing I do is take notes whenever I have a moment and wherever I am, writing down any ideas, no matter how mundane, in a pocket notebook. Then, when I have time, I collate them, typing them into this box here. Sometimes, I need freemind to organize the most scattered, but ambitious, projects.

I use to think, if I had more time, I could write more. Then I went on unemployment and the the ideas dried up. So strangely enough, I am more inspired when I am busy. That makes the pocket notebook crucial. Meeting people, learning new things. They are necessary for interesting writing. Lock the festering mind away and it returns to a state that breeds dis-ease.

One last thing: there is no story like the one scratching itself on the bus next to you.
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